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What is a retreat?

Retreat is a way to step aside from everyday concerns to relax and care for your soul.  The weekend provides time for rest, reflection, prayer, and discussion.  Your retreat can be as structured or as unstructured as you like.  You can catch up on some rest, reconnect with a friend, get a massage, stroll the labyrinth, spend time in meditation, or be inspired by dynamic speakers.  Most weekend retreats begin Friday evening with dinner and end on Sunday around noon.


Retreats our offered at Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center in Farmington and Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford.

Who goes on retreat?

People of all ages and from all walks of life attend retreats.  Some are searching for God.  Others are simply trying to find a greater sense of peace in their lives.  Some come from traditionally religious backgrounds.  Others consider themselves spiritual but not religious.  You do not need a strong religious background to attend.  What you do need is a thirst for a more peaceful life lived with compassion and love.


Men's Retreats

Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center










Why make a retreat?

Our lives are so full of responsibilities, worries, and noise that we often ignore the call of our inner lives.  Our concerns with families, jobs, health, finance, and personal relationships may override our commitment to spiritual growth — even when we need it most.  A retreat helps us regain balance and develop the necessary spiritual tools to access the presence of God in the midst of daily life.



For Questions Contact:

Men's Retreats:

  • Mr. Moe Poirier, (860) 693-4692

  • Mr. Peter Fortier, (860) 693-3800

Women's Retreats:

  • Mrs. Colleen Ververis, (860) 673-8689

  • Mrs. Sherry Pesino, (860) 675-5269

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